Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hookah-Smoking Caterpillars!

This is the best challenge! I have had a blast with this subject.
But Here is my entry: My first Hookah-smoking Caterpillar:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Working INside the Box

     This Collage is a Collection of ADO Dolls,
all built with some kind of Frame or Box around them.

         Contributing Members

1. Bonnie Lee Fontaine "Autumn"
2. Floradora "Merry Halloween"
3. Du Bah Du "Art Doll Frieda Cigar Box Shrine"
4. Kandra Niagra "Four Gardeners"
5. Oddfae "Steampunk!"
6. Angela Rosseau "Nereida"
7. Susie McMahon "Visitation"
8. Kaerie Faerie "Queen of the Sea"
9. Sprite "Ice Dragon"
10. Sheri De Bow "Baby's Black Balloon"
11. Crow Haven Farm "Hocus Pocus"
12. Du Bah Du "Frieda and Diego Shrine"
13. Grace "Little Twin Sisters"
14. Joanna Thomas "Juliet"
15. Sarah "Niche"
16. Sarah Wallis "Doll in a Box"
17. Sheri De Bow "Natalia and Genevieve Puppet Box"
18.          and "Caught in the Headlights"
19. Carni "Sad Sweet Pea Doll Face"
20. Spiritmama "Isaura the Spell-Casting Witch
                   concocts her Best Brew"
21. Grace "Nail Girl"
22. Esther Verschoor "Coming Out of the Dark"
23. and "Ghost"
24. Paula Nerhus "Party Boy"
25 and "Assemblage"
26. Ruta Elze "Hide and Seek"
27. Moriah Betterly "Matchbox Doll"
28. Miss Oblivious "Circus"
29. Diane Costanza "Fairy Mixed Media Box"
30. Anna Zueva "Anya"
31. Christina Meisolle "Sad Man"
32. Jaqui "Othello and Desdemona"

Collected by Kandra Niagra for the ADO Team Blog
(This Collection will NOT go away after three days! yay!)
I will be doing an ADO Group Collage every other week with
          a new theme! (On Wednesdays)
Please feel free to contact me with your ideas for
             new and fun collages!